Membership in the IACP is available to companies who are in the insurance, reinsurance or claim management industry. The three main types of membership are:

Regular Members

The Regular membership in the Association consists of insurance and/or reinsurance companies, agencies or brokers that currently place or accept insurance or reinsurance.
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Run-off Members

The Run-Off membership of the Association consists of insurance and/or reinsurance companies, agencies or brokers that formerly placed or accepted insurance/ reinsurance business but no longer places or accepts such business. The company must be in the management of claims the majority of which arise out of the insurance or reinsurance formerly placed by the company.
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Claim Management Members

The Claim Management membership of the Association consists of companies that manage a business portfolio for a firm that either accepts or accepted insurance or reinsurance business.
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Companies who believe they qualify (see our By-laws for full details of membership) may apply by completing an application. Prospective members should submit an application with 2 sponsors who are presently members of the Association and will need to name a delegate and one alternate who will represent the company. All membership applications are subject to approval by the IACP Board of Directors.

  • While we encourage all applicants to apply online, you may download the application and mail it along with the non-refundable $100 application fee to:

  • International Association of Claim Professionals
    c/o Susan Barros
    The Beaumont Group, Inc.
    990 Cedar Bridge Avenue, Suite B7 PMB 210
    Brick, NJ 08723


Other Membership Types

Unlike the other categories, Adjunct and Honorary members are individuals selected for membership by the Association’s Board of Directors because in the opinion of the Board they have contributed to the furtherance of the Association or the Claim Profession. Individuals may not apply for Adjunct or Honorary Membership (see Association By-laws for details).