Dear IACP Members and Interested Parties:

The International Association of Claim Professionals is pleased to present our new enhanced user friendly website. We have endeavored to provide a new design and access capabilities for our members and those interested in our organization. The intent is to provide the ability to efficiently provide member and IACP organization information along with providing easy access to various industry related links and claim information. To emphasize a few changes and future enhancements, we will provide a more efficient access to conference information, conference registration, and legal and exposure related information as the site continues to be evaluated.

While always a work in progress, the organization is committed to developing this internet site and will continue to enhance the information to provide easy access capabilities. Please let us have your observations and continue to provide your comments and recommendations to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of this site. This is a membership organization and we strive to provide appropriate and useful information. We can’t do this without your participation and recommendations.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pete Fennell and his Website Committee for their diligence and time consuming efforts to make this “your website”. Hopefully, every member will have the opportunity to offer their thanks for this enormous effort.

This is a momentous change in the direction of our organization. Enjoy!

Best regards,

Kevin Shea's  Signature

Kevin J. Shea